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for purchasing soap or congratulations on receiving one as a gift.

With this bar of soap, you are potentially diverting one hand/face/body wash bottle from our Semakau landfill, and helping to extend its lifespan beyond 2035. Your effort counts!

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I am an unscented OATMEAL soap, free even of fragrance. Suitable for children and anyone who prefer to completely avoid any added scent for allergy concerns.

I'm 100% natural, made through the saponification of a nourishing blend of Pure Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Canola and Castor Oils, Distilled Water and Lye with added Organic Oatmeal. Nothing else.

I am the gentlest amongst all my siblings and cousins yet I'm made up of loads of goodness, simply with the natural ingredients I contain (scroll down). The coconut oil in me cleanses while avocado and olive oil hydrates and nourishes the skin with vitamins and antioxidant. Castor oil helps me work up a luxurious lather for you without any artificial additive. On top of that, enjoy a gentle exfoliation with the organic oatmeal I contain.

I am handmade, hand-poured and hand-cut, all in Singapore. Every piece is unique and comes with a sustainable message.

Like all soaps, I am bare of:

- Paraben
- Palm
- Preservatives
- Alcohol
- Synthetic fragrance
- Artificial colouring
- Animal Cruelty

- All unnecessary Packaging


recommended usagE

who is it for

Children​ and Individuals with sensitive skin

recommended use

Daily use on Face or Body.

tips for usage

1. Air dry me in between showers for longer lasting use as natural soaps are generally softer than commercially made soaps since no synthetic hardener is added.


2. Enjoy my natural goodness as soon as you can, best within 1 year since I do not contain any preservatives.


3. If you spot a white ashy film on me, don't worry. That is called soda ash and I'm perfectly fine for use. 

4. Patch test before use to check for allergy. If you have specific medical or allergy concerns, pls consult doctors about ingredients before use. This recipe is NOT nut-free.


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     - Very gentle. Suitable for sensitive skin

     - Provides lasting moisturising effect.

     - High in antioxidant like Vitamin E and polyphenols to help repair damage caused by free                 radicals


     - The key cleansing agent in the recipe that removes skin impurities

     - Natural hardener for the soap so the bar lasts longer.

     - Adds natural lather and bubbles.


     - Rich in Vitamins (A, B, D, E) and several acids.

     - Healing and hydrating oil for dry or mature skin.

     - Contributes to luxurious, conditioning lather.


     - Antioxidant properties with Vitamin E to protect skin from free radicals.

     - Combats premature ageing with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

     - Produces a very stable bar of soap.


     - Provides an amazing lather.

     - Acts as a humectant by drawing moisture from the air.


     - Relieves skin irritation and itching

     - Alleviates inflammation with anti oxidant properties.

     - Gently exfoliates skin naturally

     - Draws oil out of pores without drying with its astringent properties.

     - Reduces moisture lost from skin acting as an Emollient.

As a bar soap, my primary task is to clean.  I aim to give a luxurious bath with my specially blended formula and natural additives. I contain all the natural goodness that boasts of the above mentioned properties, but I am not tasked to cure any skin conditions. Every individual is unique and responds differently to each ingredient so do remember to test or ask a doctor if ever in doubt.


only available with 

custom request

oatmeal unscenteD

I am handmade in small batches so I can run out really fast. 


If I am not in stock, please just hit the RESTOCK REQUEST on Etsy and you will be notified when I am back in stock. We need 4-6 weeks to cure so do request early if you want to have a continued supply.


If you'd like to secure your order, hit "REQUEST CUSTOM ORDER" to pre-order.



At, we sell cold process natural soaps which are 100% handcrafted in Singapore. Our soaps are bare of packaging and bare of synthetic additives.


Our primary objective is to encourage the avoidance of single-use hand/body/hair wash plastic bottles that we trash or recycle after 1-2 months of use. We hope to open up more people to the goodness of a natural bar of soap and in the process, chip in to extend the lifespan of Semakau landfill.


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Each piece of is made using only natural ingredients - 100% pure carrier/essential oils and natural additives, with no synthetic chemicals or artificial colouring added to make the soap lather more, look prettier or smell nicer. Our soaps are coloured with natural clay, minerals, plants or herbs and do not contain fragrance oil.


Unlike commercial body wash which are essentially detergent, a cold process soap retains all the natural glycerin produced in the saponification process to keep skin moist.

small batch. on demand. customisable soaps are produced in small batches or on demand. Customisation of any of our recipes to for example, totally omit essential oil for sensitive skin types is possible for purchases above 5 bars.


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