I am a XL Grocery Bag recycled from 2.5 PET1 plastic disposable bottles. People call me a rPET or rPETE bag. :)


Kind souls threw their used bottles into the recycling bins and the recycling heroes cleaned, shredded, melted, and spun the bottles into yarn to make me. 

I'm so grateful to be here, leading a useful life with my extended lifespan vs. lying somewhere in a landfill for the next 500 years. Eeeeks.

I make it easy for Earth loving people to say "NO" to disposable plastic bags that they throw after less than an hour of use.

And I help these amazing eco warriors strike a conversation about our planet with my loud and bold message:



Cos I'm not ready to go EXTINCT just yet, until all PET1 go EXTINCT first.  I'm sure one day all the kind souls will quit using the disposable bottles.


Then I can gracefully retire.


I love going out. That's when I become useful!

Our friends tell us they are often forgotten, but we wouldn't hear of it. We don't sit and wait for things to happen. We create our life!

You can fold us into a super tiny pouch in under 30 seconds, easy peasy. Our pouch is smaller than an iPhone, and we openly appeal to our owners to


Clip my friends and I to your bags, keychains, put us in your car. Bring us EVERYWHERE you go cos you never know when I might come in handy. 

And if you have a big family and check out a full cart of groceries each week, bring a few of us with you. Cos the last thing you want is to have to take disposable plastic bags because you bought more than me alone can hold!

Don't underestimate me.  I am almost weightless but I can take on 2-3 regular plastic bag loads of groceries with ease! So all you carry is your groceries, not me!


I'm designed to be carried on the arms or in the hands. My handles are slightly shorter for easier handling of heavy bulky items. My broad shoulders are built to distribute the weight out evenly and lighten your load. No more cutting into your arms or hands! 

I've got a few certs from where I came from - ISO9001, SA8000, SEDEX, GSV and GRS. We hate waste so we don't ever want to be one. I can be washed, but we prefer to be lightly hand washed. 

My friends and I come in a boxes of 5.  Each of us cost less than a cup of specialty coffee blend but we know we are worth much more. Cos by starting the habit of bringing us everywhere you go, you can potentially divert 20K plastic bags from the landfill, just by you alone. That's no mean feat!! Kudos!!!


And if you ever want to inspire someone to start doing their part for our planet, we make a meaningful yet affordable gift for women, men, teachers, friends, anybody! Hang them on your Christmas tree and our pouch would gladly invite your guests to help themselves.

Only available here

join us to defend our

planet EARTH together